Calgary, Alberta, Canada


The Artist

Currently Living in Calgary Alberta, with my roots starting in Manitoba and  my love for painting on Vancouver Island. It isn't surprising that the bulk of my  inspiration comes from my exploration of the Canadian prairies, mountains and the west coast. 

My Work


The body of her current work is a statement on Canadian wildlife and how people interact with what they want to see. By drawing what she sees, then diluting it out with water and reshaping through loose applications of color and lines, she creates a new viewpoint of the subject. “The application of the medium is unpredictable like my subject, but I then control and manipulate an expression of emotion that is fabricated and whimsical to the viewer.” 

Little Background

  After completing high school, which had an excellent arts program , she was accepted and attended Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003.

 After two years of study,she transferred to The Art Institute of Vancouver, where she completed a diploma in Game art and design in October 2008.  For the next few years, Natalie would continue to privately build her skills while working for different video game companies as a Quality Assurance specialist, known for her artist eye. In 2011 looking for a more balanced life and a desire to pursue her artist goals, Natalie packed up and moved back to Calgary AB. Immediately, she jumped into the culture of hiking, fishing and camping in the breathtaking countryside. Falling in love with the surrounding national parks and its inhabitants, she quickly found new inspiration for her artwork.   


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Natalie Yarema

Calgary, Alberta